So today I went to Daiso

(Merrylands btw, you Sydney-siders) and the as soon as I stepped into the store the first thing I heard was Taka’s voice singing Nothing Helps. Like omfg djbfksifndsidifif NO STORE IN SYDNEY EVER FUCKING PLAYS A ONE OK ROCK SONG LIKE OMFG
I had a spazz attack to my dad (who had a rough idea that it was OOR because I always play their songs when I’m in the car) and joked saying it was too noisy
But omfg I seriously wanted to weep out in joy and scream the lyrics out. I had to stop myself from hugging all of the store workers (like no joke, I’m not even kidding here) because I WAS SO FUCKING HAPPY I HEARD A OOR SONG PLAYED IN A SHOP

okay just had to get it out there
pls continue with your life

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ワンオク oor one ok rock my life daiso sydney fucking omg merrylands ugh my kokoro
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    Just went to Daiso in my place and it’s not even a Japanese song played. It was the Indonesian’s Poco-poco instead -_-;;...
  3. paper--planeのコメント: That’s freaking cool! I’ve not heard any shops in Singapore, playing OOR songs yet :/ I’m actually secretly hoping my boss would let me play it in our shop LOL
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    That is really cool, Liz! :) Makes me want to go check out the Daiso here and see what they happen to be playing. It’s...
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    :O I wanna go to Daiso!! And hear OOR haha-
  6. ryeonのコメント: Omg! I never hear a song I recognize in Daiso lol
  7. marysbitofnonsenseのコメント: I think I’d die if I ever heard anyone playing OOR ever in the USA. Much less in a store. So cool!
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  10. untitled-storiesのコメント: I remember visiting a shop playing OOR songs. It was playing their full album (jinsei x boku) !! I can’t even remember how long I stayed in there >< Haha its always amazing when a shop or even a random person plays OOR songs.
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  13. woopsydaisyのコメント: The Daiso here plays shit music k
  14. summerwrapbitのコメント: That’s pretty great *(^^)*
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