The ONE OK ROCK fandom should be a beautiful thing

Okay so first of all there are just a few things on my mind and I was really hesitant to post this but then I thought “This is my opinion and I’m sure others feel the same.” Also, I have no intentions of upsetting anyone or starting any drama so I do apologise in advance if I upset or offend you. Also, a forewarning: This is an EXTREMELY long post.

Maybe I’m just over thinking things but then again, maybe I’m not. I feel like lately the ONE OK ROCK fandom has escalated into something that no one ever intended it to or wished for it to.

Yes, ONE OK ROCK are now becoming more famous and getting more attention but I don’t think that this means that the attitudes of their fans should be changing as well. I’m saying this with references to two main “events” that have recently happened and I can assure you that you can pretty much guess what they are.

• ONE OK ROCK’s USTREAM with Fall Out Boy

Okay so as most (if not all) of you know, on 1st April, ONE OK ROCK held an hour long USTREAM session on STOLABO-TOKYO’s USTREAM channel with Fall Out Boy who had pretty much been one of their main inspirations growing up. Before I dive into this, let me just say that I’m not an extreme fan of FOB (I don’t hate them but I just don’t listen to them) but by all means there is no bias towards OOR. Now we all know that judging by the way they interacted, both bands initially found it slightly awkward, which is completely understandable since you know, OOR idolise them and FOB were jet-lagged (and they didn’t really know of OOR before, I’m assuming but I may be wrong). Not to mention the language barrier between them. Even though there was a translator present, having a conversation with each other through another person isn’t the same as when you’re having “direct” contact with the other party (does this even make sense?) Furthermore, both bands were really respectful of each other so I don’t understand why some (OOR) fans are saying that FOB were being rude to OOR, especially when they were advising them to take care of the younger generation. I think OOR were really touched by the fact that they were getting advice from one of their most idolised bands and that some fans are just taking things waaaaaay over the top and aren’t looking at the real picture.
Besides, if FOB really didn’t like OOR then why would they invite them to play a live with them in America? I’m pretty sure if you hate someone you’re not going to invite them to hang out with you… So for that I ask, if you really really still believe that FOB dislike OOR then please, by all means, tell me your reasons and give me a legitimate argument as to why you believe so. 

• Nancy Schneider’s Instagram photos with Toru

Okay, so I personally don’t have Instagram, nor do I even know who this Nancy girl is but all I know is that she’s been posting photos of her and Toru together. Now, today I was using my brother’s girlfriend’s phone and I searched up her instagram (not creepy at all) and saw that she had a lot of photos not just with Toru but several other Japanese artists / people. Plus not to mention, there’s a photo of another man kissing her and I’m assuming that it’s her boyfriend. BUT in saying that, even if they were dating, we, as fans of OOR should be happy for Toru. I understand that yeah some of you (and I use the term “you” very VERY loosely, as a general term) may feel a little upset and jealous but honestly, if you really did love OOR and Toru especially, you’d know that the best thing that you could do for him was to support him and be happy that he’s happy because essentially, as much as it pains me to say it, he doesn’t even know who you are. Besides, it’s his life and whatever he chooses to do with his life shouldn’t be up to you to decide. 
Moving on to the next point about Nancy, she hasn’t technically done anything wrong to you or to Toru. All she did was take a few photos with him and upload them on Instagram. Now I know that we’re all annoyed by her endless about of hashtags (is that what it’s called on Instagram? lol) saying “follow me!” or “follow for follow” and etc, but to be honest, I went through at least 10 of her other photos and she has those tags in ALL of the photos that I saw. So the conclusion that you all have come up with that she’s “using” Toru for followers is technically incorrect. I admit, it is annoying to see that and it does seem that way but really all I’m seeing from the fandom is a lot of hate on a girl who has done nothing wrong. And anyway, I’m pretty sure if any of us ever got to meet OOR or an OOR member and take a photo, we’d definitely want to show it off and boast about it. It’s completely normal. So why hate?

These are only two of the issues that I have seen arise in the OOR fandom lately. There are some of us who have been in the fandom for a while and we’re really happy that OOR are growing in popularity and that more and more fans are joining the fandom everyday but it just feels like the fandom has changed from a place where we’re all happy and freely share our love of OOR with each other to a place full of hate and anger. Why? Why does our beautiful fandom and love of this perfect band have to cause / have so much anger and hate? This isn’t what a fandom should be about. None of us are so low as to go attacking other bands or people who are involved with OOR. I’m not saying that you’re all bad people, but what I’m saying is that the OOR fandom should be a place where whenever we feel down, happiness is just one click away. Mind you, I’ve met so many awesome people through Tumblr and through this fandom and I’d love for everyone else to experience the same. In this fandom, everybody is equal, regardless of who your bias is or if you even have a bias or not.

ONE OK ROCK are not yours. Their lives don’t belong to you. Neither does their music or what they choose to do. They have no obligation to pamper you and you exclusively. All they’re doing is trying to spread their amazing talents and awesome music around the world and reach out to a greater audience. Be happy for them. Love them. And most importantly, don’t hate.

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    Also, FOB did say they were going to be live on Ustream with their new friends and homies on twitter. To me, it sounded...
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