The Craziest Self-Defense Gadgets You Can Buy



Shotgun Flashlight

This handy shotgun flashlight doesn’t just look like a flashlight, it actually functions as both a flashlight and a shotgun. Warning! While using the product as a flashlight, the shotgun end will be pointed at your body, so whatever you do, don’t hit the wrong button!


Tampon Taser

The last thing you want is for a mugger to think you have a weapon. Enter The Pink Stinger. Just tell your attacker you need to innocently get a tampon out of your purse. He’ll surely oblige. Instead, grab this discrete weapon and shoot him with 50,000 volts!

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Hello cuties!! ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!! YAY! 
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Australia is lame, I just want to see ONE OK ROCK and Maximum The Hormone live. I constantly have my fingers crossed for Soundwave second announcements. I can dream.

omfg dude coldrain and crossfaith are coming though!!

are you going?!

ONE OK ROCK Mighty Long Fall Live at Yokohama Stadium (fan report) 14th September 2014


I won’t mention the facts elsiechapman​ has already written in this post.

It was my first time going to OOR concert. I was crazy enough to work the whole summer after passing the finals to afford going to such a live. And it was absolutely worth it.
We arrived with my friends to the Stadium at 14:00 and it was late as almost all the items of the merch were out of stock (And I wanted a towel and a black bandana :c), I was upset so I headed to search for my Japanese and Korean friends that I was to meet, I walked the stadium around 3  times and finally found MiNTO@OORer and のりわかめMLF2days余韻 who presented me beautiful cards. Then I walked again to find Negi-chan (葱侍@9/14 ONE OK ROCK) and others but it was in vain. After all I just went to wait beside my sector queue. C2 sector was the last to go inside, but I was in front of it, so I could see the boys clearly.

I was in front raws of my sector so cameraman was shooting me a lot. I’m afraid you’ll be able to see my red, sweaty, ugly face on the DVD. I’m really sorry for that :D I hope it will be cut out since this live was for Japanese fans. 

I started crying when Taka was doing his speech before The Beginning because this live meant a lot to me, and it was hard to get through so much things to have 2 of my dreams fulfilled (going to Japan and seeing OOR live). After the live I just ran to my friend and hugged her, we were hugging and crying for some time so that Japanese fans stared at us like we were crazy but then smiled and tried to hug each other too (It was funny and cute to see :) )
Thanks much to every tumblr oorer who supported me along the way, especially Jenn!! ♥
Hope all of your dreams may be fulfilled soon too.





Woo my suspenders skirt thing~

Boop Samu legs

Sometimes I wish I was as tall as I appear to be in my selcas tbh